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We have partnered with Hearth financial to offer very competitive financing options.

Typically we do not do screen and window repair work.

We will clean your new replacement windows after installation. When they need to be cleaned again, a solution of ammonia and water at 10/1 ration works great. You can but pre-mixed window cleaners at most grocery stores as well.

All windows have an effective life. If you notice moisture failure, draftiness, or failing seams, it is probably time to look at replacement.

No. Window make and styles all perform differently, (Vinyl, Fiberglass, Wood). Manufactures typically have different categories as well:: (good, better, best).

Become familiar with the look, performance, and price points of the different window options. Illumine Windows will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Illumine will come to your home, do a free analysis, and give you all the information you need to know.

This is a difficult question as the price of windows very so dramatically dependent upon style, size, operation, and efficiency. A smaller window can run as little as several hundred dollars, to larger more complex designs running into the thousands of dollars.

New windows refer to both new construction and replacement windows. New Construction Windows are windows designed to be installed during the construction process, Replacement windows are done when an existing window is removed and a new window is re-installed in the old opening.

Older windows will typically start to see system failures around the twenty to twenty five year mark.

A single window installation will typically take a couple of hours. Larger projects can take days.

Vinyl windows are the most economical window style available. Vinyl Window quality has substantially increased in the last several years. A typical price can run around $500 to $1000.

There are three major window types: Wood, Fiberglass, and Vinyl.

That answer depends strictly on the needs and budget of the client.

No. If there is a large number of windows that require changed, we can space the installation in blocks of replacements spread out over months, or even years.

Yes you can, but, we recommend using a qualified installation crew instead.

This is strictly on a case by case basis. We cannot give that answer until we inspect the home.

The installation is a construction process that will create some dust and noise. We try to minimize the impact for the homeowner.

Most fiberglass windows carry a lifetime warranty.

Fiberglass construction has significant advantages over vinyl construction. The material has less expansion/ contraction in our Colorado weather extremes, has very good insulation properties, and typically can be painted. However, even though they have significant value for their cost, they are more expensive than Vinyl windows.

Again, this depends on the customers unique situation. The answer depends upon budget restraint, existing window design and the customer’s likes and needs. 720-863-8454 info@
40W Littleton Blvd Unit 210-264
Littleton, CO 80120
All rights reserved © 2024
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