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Illumine Windows is your one stop, full service, window supplementation and installation service.


Roofing Contractors Littleton CO There is a significant need in the roofing industry for an excellent replacement window installation company to complement roofing contractor’s efforts in maximizing claim profitability and provide incredible service to the contractors and end clients.


Roofing Products Littleton CO Roofing Contractors typically have the resources, knowledge and expertise to do a great job installing roofing products. Their clients’ insurance claims often-times include window replacement damage.

Here are the issues:

  • Insurance adjusters often miss window damage in the field. This is lost revenue and profit.
  • Xactimate does not accurately reflect the replacement window price. It is typically 30% to 50% off the market rate for window replacement. This is lost revenue and lost profit.
  • Supplementing the window claim can be complex and many times requires additional on-site re-inspections.
  • Roofing Contractors project managers typically do not have the product knowledge and expertise to identify and effectively argue the window damage claim.
  • Often, the roofing contractor does not have the time to adequately argue the window damage claim.
  • Roofing Contractors project managers do not have the experience necessary to correctly measure and order windows. As a result, windows that have been ordered DO NOT fit. This is lost revenue and lost profit.
  • It is very difficult to find really good window installers.
  • If the window portion of your claim is handled “in house” by your project managers, the profit margins are normally slim enough that the process is not worth the hassle.

Illumine Windows offers a solution that makes windows extremely profitable to your company, without the problems and time drain of doing this work “in-house”.

Damaged Window

Illumine Windows is designed to meet the needs of Roofing Contractors across the Front Range of Colorado.

Our company offers solid supplementation documentation, expert field inspection to uncover missed window damage (this is huge), excellent communication with the roofing contractor and client, excellent installation and follow-through, and finally an excellent warranty on labor and windows/ doors.

We pay the referring roofing contractor 10% of all our sales as a finder fee. The roofing contractor keeps the overhead and profit on the claim. This allows for supplementation that typically increases the window RCV by over 200% and allows the contractor to make a solid 30% margin including O and P. This program also allows for the roofing contractor to make an additional 10% on any additional revenue from missed hail damage to windows as well as any additional sales or upgrades of windows and doors that the homeowners decide to do. We also try to minimize the headaches associated with the window portion of the claim. This allows the Roofing Contractor the ability to focus on what they do best: selling and installing roofs. We take care of the hassle that windows can be.

This means turning a typical one or two window RCV claim from $500 per window, that has very little profitability and a whole lot of coordination, to potentially a multi-thousand dollar claim with profitability of 30% where all the technical, scheduling, and installation issues are taken care of.

We take care of all the details!

  • We do an extensive on-site survey of all windows (including second story windows that insurance companies ALWAYS overlook).
  • We photo document all damage and provide a detailed supplement, with attached pictures and pricing. We send the finalized supplement directly to the Roofing contractor for submission to the insurance carrier.
  • We are available to answer any questions from the insurance company and justify our supplement.
  • If a re-inspection is warranted, we will handle that for you, meeting the insurance adjuster on site. We are not just a window installation company. All of our Project Managers are licensed property insurance adjusters. This gives us street credibility with the insurance adjusters we meet.
  • We meet with the homeowner to discuss potential upgrades and additional window purchases (you get 10% of all additional sales).
  • We coordinate all window installations with the client and keep the roofing contractor informed of our schedule.
  • Illumine Windows handles every detail of the window portion of your roofing claim.

Illumine Windows is committed to:

  • The very best communication and Project Management
  • Offering the finest windows and doors including Pella, Anderson, and dozens of other manufacturers.
  • Superior Installation crews.
  • Maximizing Roofing Contractors windows and doors RCV and profitability.
  • Minimizing the effort and time required of the Roofing Contractor to get the windows installed profitably.

The Process is Simple

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  • We will contact you & start the process of our full-service supplementation and installation process.

It is as simple as that!

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