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About Illumine Windows Inc.

My name is Scott Swauger and I started installing windows as an answer to a significant issue I had found in my General Contracting Company, Advocate Construction Inc.

Scott Swauger

Advocate Construction Inc specializes in hail-damaged roof replacements. Often, as these hailstorms roll across the front range, not only are our cars, roofs, and the exterior of our homes’ paint and siding damaged, but windows are often broken and compromised. As a general contractor, Advocate Construction in the past has hired window replacement companies to subcontract these broken windows.

Window Replacement Littleton CO What I found from these subcontracted window replacement companies was consistent poor response times, poor workmanship, poor communication, and significant overcharging for replacement windows. Advocate Construction tried for four years to find a responsive, integrous, replacement window company that charged fair prices. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a company that had the integrity, excellent products and service, and fair pricing that our clients required and deserve.

Windows Littleton CO Our company decided to start installing windows on our own. We found and nurtured relationships with excellent suppliers that have only the very best products. We searched and found installation technicians that are the very best in their field. We integrated our company commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction and excellent service and warranty.

Glass Window Littleton CO We initially focused on simply replacing the windows of our own roofing clients. Very soon however, the roofing industry saw our business model and started asking us to help them with their client’s window needs as well.

Since July of 2019 we have been offering the public the same service and products that we have been servicing our roofing clients with for the last several years.

We decided to start our own window installation company, Illumine Windows Inc.

Integrity. Always Integrity.


When Scott Swauger started business in 2012, he hung a sign on his office wall that states, “Integrity. Always Integrity”. That sign is still hanging on his wall today. It always will.

Illumine Windows, Inc. is absolutely dedicated to:

  • Always putting our personal and business integrity first. Above profit. Above convenience. Above anything else.
  • Providing only the very best, state-of-the-art products.
  • A company commitment to minimizing advertising. A company commitment to keep our overhead low.
  • Passing these savings on to our clients. Always seeking to be the best value in the market.
  • Striving to provide the very best service in the industry.

Illumine Windows is a small shop. We are not even close to being a big window installer. We like to consider ourselves a boutique shop that takes the time to get to know our clients and what their window needs and hopes really are. We offer our expertise free of charge.

We honestly like helping people with their home improvement needs. We are all servants at heart.

Give us a call today. Give us a chance to come and talk with you about whatever your project entails.

1. We will ask good questions.
2. We will listen well.
3. We will seek out excellent answers and design ideas at price points that match your budget.

Thank you for considering us for your home improvement project.

Owner: Scott Swauger
Illumine Windows Inc.

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40W Littleton Blvd Unit 210-264
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